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Visions and Values

Our School Vision

"Growing and learning together, doing our best forever"


By the time I leave Waunceirch Primary School I will be proud of who I am, proud of my family and proud of my community and Wales.  


I will have solid foundations in all the essential skills; reading, writing and oracy in English and Welsh, Numeracy, ICT and thinking skills. I will be able to use these skills with increasing levels of control, complexity and independence to support my learning, support my social and emotional development and support my health and wellbeing.  


These skills will also have enabled me to start forming my own values and beliefs as I begin to consider my role as an important contributor in my community and as a global citizen with responsibility for myself, others and our planet.  


I will be equipped with all the tools I need to continue my learning journey, I will have the experience, knowledge and skills to face new challenges with confidence and resilience. I will have the self-belief to persist until I succeed, the self-belief to support and encourage others and the self-belief to know that I can affect change not just home, school, or in my community, but in Wales and on the world stage.  


The exciting, relevant and purposeful experiences I have been a part of at Waunceirch, will have fired my imagination and shaped my dreams. I will have goals to aim for, interests that sustain me and a passion for success.  


The combination of all that I have become during my time at Waunceirch, will mean that I have the best chance of a future filled with opportunities, choices and happiness.