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Learning Support Centres

​Welcome to the Learning Support Classes at Waunceirch.


We have two classes attached to our school. Both classes are for children who have Autism. Children are awarded places in both classes by the LEA. The classes are known as LSC 1 and LSC2.

LSC 1 is a maximum six term intervention for children who have a diagnosis of autism, but not necessarily a Statement of Education. During their time with us in LSC 1, staff work with parents and other professionals, to make an informed decision about whether the children

a) return to their original mainstream setting with appropriate strategies.
b) are put forward for Formal Assessment within the LEA to be considered for a Statement.
If children are awarded a statement, then they may be offered a place in a long term provision, possibly Waunceirch, or maybe offered hours of support in a mainstream setting.


LSC 2 is a long term provision. the children who are awarded places in this class have both a diagnosis of autism and a statement.
Both classes are mixed phase ie. nursery to year 6. However, we as a school organise the two classes according to age and therefore, LSC1 is mainly Foundation Phase and LSC2 KS2.
We are very inclusive at Waunceirch and all the children in both classes integrate into our mainstream classes if it is appropriate.
We have a very close relationship with all our parents and welcome visits from any new parents.


Staff  - LSC1
Mrs Bartsozewicz (Mrs B)
Mrs Webb
Ms Edwards
Miss Michael
Mrs Wedlake.
Miss Topper
Mr Brown

Please look at our class pages.

We will continue to post photographs of our activities.

We use our fantastic school grounds as often as possible to deliver Teaching and Learning Activities.