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Half term homework


On Thursday 2nd March Waunceirch is celebrating World Book Day with children invited to dress up as their favourite book characters.  Your half term homework is to review your favourite OR a new book.  You can either use the sheet that has been sent home to help you create your book report or you can create an independent review, designed as you wish.  It can be done on paper, as a poster board or saved to HWB/J2E.

HOMEWORK – 20-01-2017


To be returned by Tuesday 24-01-2017


Can you find out what an alchemist is?

Design a costume and travel kit for an alchemist.  Remember to draw all of the useful things an alchemist might pack into their suitcase. 

Description: Image result for encyclopaedia britannica thistle logoTo do some research on alchemy and alchemists you can use ‘Encyclopaedia Britanica’ on HWB.  To do this, sign into HWB using your log in details and click on the thistle image at the top right hand side of the page.

Incredible effort from Year 5 with their 'Gold Projects'!!!!

Christmas holiday homework


In the new year we will be starting our new topic 'Alchemy Island'. In order to engage the children in this topic and get them excited for the activities we will be doing the holiday's homework is based on this topic.  

Look at the map below, this is a map of 'Alchemy Island' showing its four kingdoms as well as some key places we will be visiting.  Can you collect any recycling you think will be suitable to help us build this mysterious kingdom? Think carefully about what each item of recycling can be used for, eg; empty toilet rolls for the turrets of 'Dragon Vine Towers'.


This topic leads us down an avenue of scientific investigations and discoveries relating to alchemy, changing materials and physical processes.  As well as recycling collection, year 5 should make a list of foods and drinks they are eating and note down whether they change from solids/liquids/gases when they are cooked or cooled, eg; eggs turn from liquid to a solid

Homework 23/11/2016 to be completed by Monday 28/11/2016


As you know the Christmas concert is fast approaching and we are currently getting a program ready for the night.  Your task is to design a front cover for the program. It should include:

  • the name of the production - Away WITH the manger
  • the date and times of each showing
  • a picture relevant to the production


This work can be completed using paper and pens/pencils or using ICT such as pic collage. If completed using a computer/tablet, it can then be uploaded to your HWB account to be printed in school.