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Homework relating to our theme will normally be sent home on a Friday

and should be returned by the following Wednesday unless otherwise stated.


Whenever appropriate to the task, pupils are encouraged to interpret homework challenges creatively - displaying an original, imaginative approach to the task.


All pupils are expected to complete homework tasks and to do so promptly (above all else this will be excellent preparation for Year 7.)


At the end of the year, pupils will be graded on the quality and consistency of the homework produced during the year. We hope that this grading will encourage pupils to not only successfully manage their time and meet deadlines but also develop their skills and reflect on their work. 


Numeracy and Literacy activities will also be allocated to pupils online at ActiveLearn and these can be accessed using pupil user details for Hwb.


If pupils do not have access to the internet or any other resources needed to complete tasks, they can attend our after school or lunchtime Homework Clubs (please speak to Mrs Jones to arrange.) 


Such is the nature of Year 6, that from time to time it is possible that questions will arise in lessons that pupils are challenged to answer as homework. These tasks will be additional to weekly homework. Answering such challenges will benefit pupils knowledge and understanding and help develop their skills but these will be entirely voluntary activities, rewarded by Dojo points.


Watch this space for examples of our homework !